Sen. Bruce Thompson Receives Commendation from the Cherokee County Republican Party

ATLANTA (January 2, 2018) | On December 4th, Sen. Bruce Thompson (R–White) was commended by the Cherokee County Republican Party for his efforts in addressing the opioid crisis.

“While I am so honored to have received this commendation from the Cherokee County Republican Party, I want to use this recognition to draw attention to this crisis at hand,” said Sen. Thompson. “The number of deaths due to opioid overdosing in our state and country is unacceptable. It is so important to raise awareness and educate ourselves and our neighbors on the different forms of these drugs and how dangerous they are not only for users, but how they can also affect people in proximity to them. Educating ourselves is a key step in prevention of the rising number of opioid deaths. I encourage people within the state of Georgia and around the nation to ask questions and educate themselves on this epidemic.”

Sen. Thompson will continue working with his colleagues in the legislature to address the opioid crisis and finding ways to decrease the number of lives lost to overdosing as the 2018 legislative session approaches.

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